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Welcome to Gas Cooker hobs Installer site for gas appliances installation. Do you have trouble finding gas safe registered engineer when you need a gas cooker Installations? Well we at Gas Cooker Hobs Installers have professional, polite, punctual engineers who have many years experience installing a gas cooker and can install your gas cooker for you. Simply Call Gas Cooker Hob Installation Installer. When fitting a gas cooker, it is advisable to have your current oven disconnected safely with a Gas Safe registered engineer. Our gas safe engineers can do this for you and make sure your gas connection is disconnected safely to make way for your new gas cooker Installation. When a gas cooker installation is taking place, your gas cooker would be turned off from the mains gas supply. This is to ensure there are no gas leaks when your oven is being installed. Your engineer will then connect your oven to the gas supply using a flexible hose pipe and once they are convinced the cooker is connected to a safe standard, they will switch your gas supply back on and test your cooker to see that everything is working accordingly. A gas cooker installation need not be a complicated process for you. Let our gas safe registered engineers execute your gas cooker installation for you and you will be able to use your cooker in confidence. So for more information or for general enquiries make sure you call Gas Cooker Hob Installers on 07809834594 or 08000988454 Remember that it is always risky if your cooker is not installed by a qualified gas safe registered engineer so be safe and call us.